Ava is an artificial intelligence program - it is not as smart as a human being, but with the right setup, it can caption very accurately (above 85% accuracy) what people say.
If no words at all appear when you/another person speaks to Ava, read this.

What is the right setup?

🗣  📲  Have Ava "hear" pretty close to the person speaking. Make sure a microphone connected to Ava is less than 12 inches from the speaker for 85-95% captioning accuracy. How? 

  • Install Ava on your smartphone and hold it near the person in front of you. 

  • Standing in front of each other? 🔄  Rotate your phone so the microphone is closer and gain 10% accuracy. Learn more about 1-1 interaction.

  • Sitting across each other? Lay your phone on the table right below their mouth. If you have hard time seeing your screen because of this, invite your friend to install Ava on their phone, or use a Bluetooth microphone to hand them, and follow what is said on your phone. This will also enable faster back-and-forth, as you can type on your phone keyboard. 

  • If the main speaker is doing a presentation, use a Bluetooth microphone. Look here for more tips about this environment

  • Got multiple people in this conversation? Connect all of your smartphones via Ava so they can speak closer to their phone's microphone and Ava can hear them well. We've made it easy to invite them and connect together in a matter of seconds. Learn more about group conversations.

  • Not sure how to use Ava in your specific context? Here's a list of frequent situations to learn how the right setup looks like.

The more the background noise, the closer you need to be

  • Ava has powerful filters for background noise. But, especially with conversation chatter (restaurant, coffee shop or bar), the noise decreases how clearly Ava can hear everyone's voice. When this happens, speaking closer to the microphones or moving into a quieter place are often the best solutions. For example, ask participants to hold phones in their hand. 

  • We had good results with wired clip-on microphones you can buy in multiples for cheap ($3 to $15) and have ready to give participants in these situations.

Expect lower accuracy if participants speak with strong accents, or very fast.

  • Ask these participants to speak slower or more clearly, this will help.

  • If there are frequent mistakes that can be confusing, tap once on the words to fade them out (learn more). This will also teach Ava how to recognize the words better next time!

I tried all of this, but this doesn't improve the accuracy!

  • If you have an uncommon Android device, it might be a calibration problem. Message us about it in the chat.

  • Check if there's no dust in your phone's microphone - remove it, if needed.

  • If no words at all appear when you/another person speaks to Ava, read this article.

  • Check your microphone captures voice correctly, by using a Voice Recording app, and listening to the audio if it sounds clear.

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