There are two names associated with every Ava account, each serves a different purpose.

  1. The display name is the name used to attribute text to the appropriate speaker in a group conversation. 

  2. The Ava name is the identifier used to connect with other users for a group conversation. It is also used at events where Ava is being offered to receive the captions for a specific room. It is displayed with the "&" in front of it.

Here's where to find your Ava name: 

  • In the Contacts screen, it's at the top right. Clicking on the QR code icon, and will take you to a screen for sharing QR codes, where your Ava name is at the bottom.

  • In the Profile screen, it's at the top under your display name.

Here's how to change your Ava name:

Go to the Profile screen to access the Settings menu, then scroll down and select Change Ava Name. Remove the existing Ava name and enter your new one.

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