September 2020 Update: We are currently working with Zoom to address some inconsistencies with the captions. We appreciate your patience as we work to correct this issue.

▶️ If you experience any issues with Zoom, restart the Zoom meeting and completely sign out of Ava for Web ◀️

If this is your first time using Ava for Web, make sure to check out our extensive guide on the basics of Ava for Web here.

💡 Note: This feature is only available for Ava users who are on the Ava Starter or Ava Pro plan. Find out more about how to get these plans here.

Step 1 - Start Your Zoom Meeting

1. If you are the host of the meeting, make sure that you have configured your Zoom settings properly configured (you only have to do this once). See our Zoom configuration checklist here.

If you are not the host, make sure to communicate with the host to ensure the configuration is set-up correctly. We highly recommend sending over these instructions to prevent confusion 👍

2. If you are the host, go ahead and start the Zoom meeting.

If you are not the host and there is a waiting room, join the meeting and wait until the Zoom host lets you in.

Step 2 - Inviting Ava to the Zoom Meeting

1. Open and log in to Ava Web on your internet browser (NOTE: Ava Web is only supported on Safari and Chrome)

2. Click on the option to "Join conference call" (see below)

3. Paste the Zoom meeting link (e.g. in the box where it says "Paste meeting invitation" and click on the green Dial-in button (see below)

🔐 If the Zoom meeting is password-protected

Make sure you use the Numeric Password (not the alphanumeric password).

If the host doesn't provide the Numeric Password, you can find this in the Meeting Info once you enter the Zoom meeting. Just click on the (i) in the top-left corner

Enter the numeric password in the field that says Numeric password (6-digit). Then click on Dial-In to successfully join the meeting.


  • If there is no numeric password for Zoom dial-in, then do not put the alphanumeric password here.

  • If there is no numeric password, but Ava is not letting you proceed without a numeric password, just type in 000000 then click on Dial-In.

5. After a few seconds, you will see that Ava is connected to the call as a phone participant. The captions from the Zoom call will then start appearing in the Ava Web application screen.

NOTE: If you or the Zoom host has Waiting Room enabled in Zoom, you will need to admit Ava to the Zoom session (when you dial-in, it usually appears as a 1510-XXX-XXXX number). To do this, click on participants, and admit the Ava dial-in phone number

⚠️ NOTE: If Ava Web is taking a while to load but you see the phone participant has joined successfully, have someone speak. Ava should start to generate captions.

If that you still don't see captions in Ava Web, make sure that the host has the correct configuration in the Zoom settings for "Audio Type" and "Mute Participants Upon Entry." Click here for our Zoom Configuration Checklist.

Step 3 - Sending the Ava Web Captions to the Zoom meeting

1. Once you dial-in to Zoom, you will see an automatic prompt in Ava Web to display the captions directly in your Zoom call. Enter the API Token in this text box. To learn how to find the Zoom API token, click here.

💡 NOTE: If someone is sharing the API token with you, make sure that you copy only the link and no spaces at the end. If there are spaces after the API token, it won't work!

Shows where to paste the API token in the Ava Web application. 

2. Great work! Ava will notify you (in the upper right corner of the screen) once the connection between Ava and Zoom is successful. Shortly after that, you will able to see your live captions directly in Zoom! 🙌🏽 

💡 TIP: If you don't want to do this right away, you can do this at any point during the meeting, just click on Broadcast to Zoom in the side menu.

💡 NOTE: Make sure you keep Ava Web open through the duration of your Zoom call) 

🛠 Troubleshooting Zoom Captions

If you are having any issues with Zoom captions, see here for our Tips for Zoom Captions.

If you'd like to print or share this information as a handout, you can click below.

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