How to caption your online meetings with Ava CC

Ava CC can be used with any conferencing tool to caption your online meetings in real-time and to have a transcript when the meeting ends.

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If you need to download Ava CC, click here

Step 1 - Start a conversation on Ava CC

On your computer, open Ava CC and sign into your Ava account (if not already)

🚨 If your email is Google, please click "Continue with Google". However, if the email associated with your account is your work email, please click on the button that says "Use work email". 🚨

Start a new Ava conversation by clicking the blue "Start Captions Now" button:

🌟 If you would like for someone to join your Ava Room so as to distinguish between speakers, click here to learn more.

Below is a breakdown of what each button means for clarity:

Step 2 - Expert tips to enhance your experience

💡For Zoom meetings, broadcast your captions directly in Zoom! Learn how to do that here

💡Recommend that meeting participants use an external microphone such as headphones or earbuds to keep the microphone close to their mouth when speaking to increase both audio and caption quality.

💡Position the Ava CC window below your video conference window so that captions can be read easily while staying engaged in the meeting (see example at the top of this page).

💡Click the blue keyboard icon on the right to type what you have to say, especially useful for non-verbal people or anyone with an accent.

💡Customize your screen and caption settings by clicking the black stacked horizontal lines icon, also known as a hamburger icon, in the top left corner. 

💡Add the Ava Scribe service for 98% accurate transcripts. Using Ava Scribe means a human transcription specialist (CART) will correct the captions in real-time.
ℹ️ Learn more about using Ava Scribe in this article → 📘 Discover Ava Scribe

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