This feature works only for regular voice phone calls and is exclusively available for Ava for Organizations members (Starter, Pro, Welcome). If you'd like to learn more about these plans to unlock this feature, click here.

Let's get started!

1. Log into Ava Web or Ava CC (See our tutorial on using Ava Web or Ava CC for the first time)

2. Click on "Join Conference Call"

3. Enter your phone number (you can leave the rest of the fields blank), then press DIAL-IN

4. Ava will call you (typically from a 510 area code number). Go ahead and answer the call.

5. While on the phone call, click on + add call to call the person you want to talk to:

On Android:

On iOS:

6. Once they have answered, tap on merge (iOS) or

On Android:

On iOS:

Once you have merged the called, Ava will be able to "hear" everyone who is speaking and will display captions in Ava Web or Ava CC.

Happy captioning! 🤟

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