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How to manage your transcripts on Ava Desktop

Ava can save transcripts for future reference. Here's how!

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If you are looking for instructions on how to save a transcript from your phone, click here.

Locating your Saved Transcripts

After you end a conversation (in full screen view), you will be directed to the transcript tab. If in CC mode click the "full screen" icon and click the "Transcripts" tab.

How to Save Transcripts

In your Account Settings, make sure the "Save Transcripts Automatically" toggle is on (color is blue)

🚨NOTE: If this setting is turned off (or grey), transcripts will not automatically save! We want to protect your privacy so we are unable to recover any transcripts that are not saved prior to a conversation being started!

How to Delete a Transcript

You now have the ability to delete transcripts individually or in bulk!

1) Start by going to your saved transcripts by clicking the "Transcripts" tab on the left toolbar

2) To delete transcripts individually, click the red trash can button on the right side of the transcript preview

3) To delete transcripts in bulk, hover your mouse over a transcript to activate a check box. You can select multiple transcripts or click "Select All" at the bottom of the page. Then click "Delete" at the bottom of the page to delete all selected transcripts!

How to Share a Transcript

Click on "Export" to convert your transcript to any of these forms and share it

⭐ If you want to change the title of your transcript before sharing, click on the pen button circled below, and edit your title. You can also export after changing the title on this page

How to edit a transcript

If you wish to change the title of your transcript before sharing it, open the transcript and click on the circled pen icon.

You can also edit the content of the transcript by clicking on the word you wish to change.

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