If you are looking for instructions on how to save a transcript from your phone, click here.

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How to Save a Transcript When Your Session Ends

Don't worry- if you or the host ends the conversation (by clicking on the red X on the right), you'll be able to save a transcript of the conversation!

1) As a first step, make sure the "Save Transcripts Automatically" toggle is on (color is blue)

2) Click on the red X on the right to close the conversation

3) You will get a page with a toolbar on the left - Click on "Transcripts" to go to your saved transcripts

4) Click on "Export" to convert your transcript to any of these forms and share it

5) If you want to change the title of your transcript before sharing, click on the pen button circled below, and edit your title. You can also export after changing the title on this page

NOTE: Don't worry, if you close the conversation by closing the tab your transcript will still be saved as long as the toggle to save transcripts is on (see step 1 above).

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