How to use Ava CC for Conference Calls (Mac)
If you have any special configuration for audio, your conference calling software must also be set-up. Here's how!
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Step 1: Open Ava CC

After you've installed and signed into Ava (click here if you haven't), open Ava and click on "Start Captions Now."

By default, Ava will start a session in CC mode (floating black box) and with the mic set to "Ava Mic" (notice the πŸ”Š speaker icon on the left side):

Step 2: Configure Conference Call Audio Settings

In order for Ava to "hear" from your video conference call, you will have to configure the audio settings in your video conferencing tool.

⭐️ FYI: You only have to do this once!

πŸ“Ή For Zoom

1. Start the Zoom meeting

2. Once you are in the meeting, click on the ^ icon next to where it says Mute. Change the settings to where you want the sound to go in/out.

πŸ”Š Speaker: this should be set to Ava Speaker

πŸŽ™ Microphone: use how you normally would (no adjustment)

πŸ“Ή For Google Meets

1. Start the meeting on Google Meets

2. In the bottom right corner, click on the 3 dots (bottom right-hand corner) > Settings

3. Under Audio, change the settings to the following:

πŸŽ™ Microphone: this should be set to either your Bluetooth headset or computer's microphone (if you want to speak)

πŸ”Š Speaker: this should be set to Ava Speaker

Step 3: Watch Ava caption away!

Animated GIF

You'll notice two new features:

πŸ—£ Captions show as "You" and the "Speakers"

"You" refers to the sound that comes into your computer's microphone (whatever you say out loud)

"Speakers" refers to the sound coming from within your computer (whatever anyone on Zoom says)

πŸŽ› Controls for volume/mute

Under the speaker icon, there's a mute, volume down, and volume up button.

This gives you the ability to control the sound coming from your computer.

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