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How to Pair a Bluetooth Microphone to your Computer (Windows)
How to Pair a Bluetooth Microphone to your Computer (Windows)

Use a Bluetooth Microphone to enhance captions or use while social-distancing!

Updated over a week ago

For our guide on pairing Bluetooth devices to your mobile device with Ava, click here.

1. On your Bluetooth microphone, enable Pairing Mode

This is typically enabled by pressing on the main button for a few seconds until the device starts blinking. Otherwise, check the manual provided with the microphone.

2. On your computer, go to Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices. Then click on "Add Device"

Follow the prompts to connect your Bluetooth microphone to your computer.

3. Once your Bluetooth microphone is connected, head over to Ava Web/Desktop and on the side menu on the left, click on the box next to the 🎙 microphone icon to select your Bluetooth microphone as a source and watch Ava caption away!

Happy captioning!

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