Caption Incoming Phone Calls with Ava

Learn how to caption incoming phone calls on your iPhone using Ava!

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If you're looking to caption outgoing phone calls, click here.

Ava allows you to caption phone calls in real time on your iPhone, and it's as easy as one, two, three!

🚨 This feature is only available for iPhone users on our Community and Pro Plans. If you're on the free plan and want to see how to caption a phone call, scroll to the bottom of this article 🚨

🌎 Calls are only compatible with the following area codes:

  • US phone number (+1)

  • French phone number (+33)

  • Netherlands phone number (+31)

📱Please make sure that the Ava app is updated to the latest version (v2.5.4 or above). For information on how to update your apps on an iPhone, please click here.

Captions for Incoming Calls:

Step 1:

When you receive a phone call, accept the call and then hit the home button to open Ava.

Step 2:

You'll see a notification on Ava asking you if you would like to caption the incoming call. Tap on "yes"

Step 3:

You will be provided with a short tutorial, press "Next" and "Caption Call" to move forward.

Step 4:

You will then receive an incoming call from Ava. Go ahead and tap HOLD & ACCEPT.

Your other call will not be ended by this step, merely put on hold.

Step 5:

Click the button in the lower left corner in order to merge the calls together.

Step 6:

Once the calls have been merged, double tap the home button on your phone (or swipe up if using iPhone X or higher) to open Ava and caption your phone call!

You did it! 🎉

🧐 FAQs:

  • Do I need to put the call on speaker or can I use headphones?

    We recommend either using headphones or putting the phone on speaker so you can read read the captions during the phone call!

  • Is this compatible with my cell phone service?

    Yes, so long as you can make calls and you are calling a number with an area code of either +1 (USA), +31 (Netherlands), or +33 (France), you can use Ava to caption your calls!

For Free Ava users:

You will need two devices to caption a phone call! Simply put your cell phone on speaker phone next to another device that is running Ava. Once you have Ava up and running, start talking to your intended conversation partner and watch as Ava captions your call!

There you go! Enjoy 🤟

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