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How to Pair a Bluetooth Microphone to your Computer (Mac)
How to Pair a Bluetooth Microphone to your Computer (Mac)

Use a Bluetooth Microphone to enhance captions or use while social-distancing!

Updated over a week ago

For our guide on pairing Bluetooth devices to your mobile device with Ava, click here.

Pairing a Bluetooth Microphone on an Apple Computer

1. On your Bluetooth microphone, enable Pairing Mode

This is typically enabled by pressing on the main button for a few seconds until the device starts blinking. Otherwise, check the manual provided with the microphone.

2. On your computer, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth. Find your device and take all the necessary steps to pair the Bluetooth mic.

3. On Ava Web/Desktop, in the side menu on the left, click on the 🎙 microphone icon to select your Bluetooth microphone as a source and watch Ava caption away!

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