How to initiate an Ava conversation with your peers?

Your first real Ava conversation with multiple people may be a big step for you. Perhaps you want to use it with your friends, your co-workers, or your family members. Do they know about your hearing loss, and are they prepared to make an effort? Do they have smartphones and are they okay to install an app? 

A lot of questions to think about when you simply want to have a normal conversation with your peers. Here are a few ways that we suggest you to initiate a successful Ava conversation with your peers: 

1) Using only one smartphone with Ava installed.

- The first way to use the app with only your phone is by holding your phone up to the speaker. You can simply open the app and start by tapping the microphone button (so that it turns blue). When you hold up the phone close enough to the speaker, the app will start transcribing this person's voice. It may be good to inform this user about what Ava is and why you are using it, so that they don't get too scared when you start pointing your phone at them.

[picture/video t.b.d.]

- The second way to do this, is by using an external microphone that you can hand to the speaker while you are reading what they say on your phone screen. This microphone can be the one attached to your earbuds (which often comes with your phone when you buy it). It can also be a specific microphone that is designed to capture another speaker. This can either be a wired or a bluetooth microphone. More information about the different types of microphones you can use, here: LINK TO MICROPHONES

2) Using more than one smartphone with the Ava app installed.

- In the most ideal scenario, every participant in the conversation has a smartphone and is willing to download the app on their phone. Sometimes it helps to inform people ahead of time about your hearing challenge and how Ava can provide more access to the conversation for you. This often times will be enough to convince people to make an effort and install the app on their phone. When done before meeting up, it will make the experience to connect way quicker and easier. Steps to do that are here: LINK TO SETTING UP A CONVERSATION

- If for some reason you can't get everyone to use their own smartphone, you can use one phone to read the captions, while you use any other phone to be passed around to the speakers in the group. In this case you will have to ask everyone to talk into the one or multiple phones that are passed around to them. Give it a try, you'll be surprised by people's positive reactions.

[picture/video t.b.d.]

3) Using other devices to connect with your smartphone. [Under construction].

STEP 2: Ask your peers to install the app on their device.

If you want to have a conversation with other people, you will need to invite the people around you to install the app on their phone. For this you will need to tap on the ‘&’ symbol in your home screen. You can then invite people who are in your contact list, or share a download link via text message or email, by tapping on the symbol in the upper right corner of your contact list screen.

Here is a 4 minute video on how to do that:

Once the others have installed the app, you can then invite them to join your conversation by typing in their Ava ID, or let them search for your Ava ID.

When you've joined each other in the same conversation, you will need to make sure they switch on their microphones (bar turns blue) and everyone speaks closely into their phones.




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