Setting up a conversation with multiple people.

Step 1:
For a group conversation, you will need to invite the people around you to install the app on their phone.

1. Swipe to the left or tap on the '&' icon.
2. Click on the 'share icon', right next to the search bar.

(Here you see an example of inviting someone through email in this case)

Another way to invite someone else to download the app, is by tapping on their name in your contact list, and then tapping on 'Invite Now'. This will send them a text message with the link to download the Ava app on their phone.


Step 2:

Once the others have installed Ava, you can then invite them to your conversation by typing in their Ava ID (username) in the search bar of your contact list, or by them searching for your Ava ID in the same way. 

1. Click on the & symbol
2. Tap on the person from your contact list (or use the search bar up top).  

Step 3:

When everyone has joined the conversation, you will need to make sure that people switch on their microphones when they speak (microphone bar turns blue) to be able to see their speech showing up.

Finally, here is a video that will show you a demonstration of the steps above:

We hope you have a great Ava experience! 




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