Using an external microphone with Ava.

Per default, Ava will use the microphone that is in the bottom of your phone. This is also the microphone that is normall used to capture your speech during phone calls. This microphone works well to pick up your speech when you are close to the phone.

In some situations however, you may want to be further away from your phone. In those cases, it is recommended to use an external microphone. For example a teacher in class, or a speaker at a conference, can simply put the phone in their pocket, while speaking into an external microphone that is connected with their phone.

There are two main options for external microphones. You can either use a wired, lavalier microphone, or you can choose to use a bluetooth microphone. Both of these options will allow you to have a microphone close to your mouth, while leaving your device at a distance. Furthermore they can
 improve the accuracy of the captions.

Pro's and Con's for both options (bluetooth vs. wired):
The big advantage of using a bluetooth microphone is that you can walk around and talk easily, even if the phone stays in the same place. This will also make it easier to pass around a microphone when in groups or when doing a Q&A session for example. 

The big disadvantage of using bluetooth microphones, is that it's a little harder to set it up and to make sure it keeps working as desired. The main reason for this is the fact that bluetooth technology is still not 100% reliable today. Another disadvantage is that you will need to charge the bluetooth microphone after every 5-10 hours of usage.

The big advantage of using a wired microphones is that you can simply plug them into your phone and they work straight away. Furthermore you don't have to charge the wired microphone at any point in time. 

The big disadvantage of the wired microphone is that you are a little less mobile. You can't walk around much if your phone stays in the same place. This will also make it a little harder to pass around this microphone.







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