What does it cost? How does the pricing work?

Here is a video about the current pricing: 

It's important to understand that are a lot of costs for us to develop, improve, and offer the Ava service to everyone. We try to minimize the effects of these costs on the pricing of the product, but it makes it impossible for us to make Ava free for all users. 

Any new Ava user will start with a first month of unlimited Ava usage at no costs. After this first month, you will automatically continue on the free, 'Basic plan', and you will have the option to upgrade to the Ava 'Unlimited plan' (read below for more details).

Basic Plan:
With the Basic plan, you can use Ava as much as you like for conversations with only your phone, or when you are joining another Ava user in their conversation (when they are the 'host'). Furthermore, you receive 5 hours of free 'hosting time', every month you are on the Basic plan. This means that you can be the group host (inviting others) for 5 hours, without any charge. 

Unlimited plan:
If you want to host conversations for more than 5 hours a month, you’ll need to switch to the Ava 'Unlimited plan', which costs $29/month. On this plan you have all the benefits of the Basic plan, and on top of that you can host as many hours of conversation as you want, without any restrictions.

1) Ava is always free to download for everyone.

2) People around you can use Ava for free as long as they 'join' conversations and they don't 'host' conversations for more than 5 hours per month.

3) When you create an account on Ava, you get an AvaID. It looks like this: &johnsmith. With this AvaID you can invite other people to join your conversations. When you invite other people to join you, you’re a host. When you join other people, you’re a guest.

4) You can see your usage time in the bar, in the bottom of your profile screen. A conversation starts when the first guest joins, and ends when the host ends it, or when everyone leaves. When you are hosting a conversation, and you go over your limit of 5 free hours, Ava will let you finish that conversation, before asking you to upgrade your plan.


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