Ava can connect with any Bluetooth microphone or device. This also includes any assistive listening device that has a Bluetooth option. See instructions below.

1. Connect the Bluetooth device with your smart device (e.g. smartphone) first.

  • On your smart device, go to the settings, and click on Bluetooth. You should now be shown a list with Bluetooth devices that are nearby.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect (e.g. microphone). If necessary read the instructions of the Bluetooth device for turning on and off.

  • Turn on the Pairing Mode on the Bluetooth device, so that it is attempting to connect with your smart device.

  • On your smart device, your Bluetooth device should now become visible in the list of nearby devices. If not, try to scan or search for devices around you.

  • Once the device shows up the list, you can click on it to make the connection between the two devices.

  • Once the two devices are successfully connected you should not need to do this again. Next time the two devices will immediately recognize each other when you turn them both on.

2a. Use the Bluetooth device (e.g. microphone) in Ava.

When you have connected your Bluetooth device to your phone, Ava will automatically set that device as the microphone source. To double-check that it is where Ava is "listening" from, follow these instructions:

  • Open a new conversation in Ava.

  • Click on the settings wheel next to the microphone.

  • Click on 'Select a Microphone'.

  • Now select the Bluetooth device that you are trying to use.

  • Once done, the little settings wheel next to the microphone should turn blue to indicate that the Bluetooth device is indeed being used.

2b. Linking a Roger Pen to Ava

Just like any other Bluetooth device, the Roger Pen too can be connected with Ava. You can see how to connect a Roger Pen with your phone in this video. Once the Roger Pen is connected to your phone, you can now follow the steps in 2a (above) to make sure the Roger Pen is being used for Ava to pick up the speaker(s).

  • If you are trying to connect your Roger Pen with both your hearing aids and Ava at the same time, start by connecting the Roger Pen to your hearing aids first.

  • Once your Roger Pen is connected to your hearing aids, let's connect it to your smart device with Ava as well.

  • Place the Roger Pen and your smart device somewhat close to each other.

  • Turn on the Pairing Mode on your Roger Pen by pressing down the little green phone icon on the side of the pen for 7 seconds. This video shows how to do that.

  • The Roger Pen should show you a flickering blue light once it is in Pairing Mode. It'll stay in this mode for 2 minutes at most. If you haven't been able to connect to your smart device in those 2 minutes, you might have to start from the beginning.

  • Go to your phone settings and go to Bluetooth.

  • Scan for devices around you and look for 'Roger Pen' in the list of nearby devices.

  • Once found, click on 'Roger Pen' to make the connection between the smart device and the Roger Pen. If your phone is asking for some type of code, try to use '0000'. When your smart device asks you which Bluetooth service to enable, choose 'Headset'.

  • The two devices should now successfully be connected to one another.

* Be aware, not all assistive listening devices have a Bluetooth option. It might not work when using a RogerEasy for example.

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