How much battery/data does Ava use?

TDLR: Very little, if you follow these pro tips

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🔋 Battery use

Using Ava for a full hour can use about 5-30% battery depending on what kind of smart device you have. The average is 10%.

Reduce drastically the battery drain by reducing the brightness of the smartphone for the ones reading the Ava transcript, and dimming/turning off the screen of the people speaking who don't need to see what Ava transcribes.

In a group conversation, anyone can lock their smartphone, and will still be transcribed - you can save battery this way.

📶 Mobile Data Use

We've optimized Ava a lot, to have high accuracy, but low data consumption. Today, Ava uses as much mobile data per hour as if you were streaming music for an hour. It amounts to 15 MB per hour average, which isn't that much, considering.

If you're worried about your data, consider using Ava on WiFi, it will work very well still.

Bandwidth requirements
Average load > 10-15kb/second
Max peak load > 35-45kb/second

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