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How do I get captions?

Open Ava on your phone and within seconds, the mic will turn blue, meaning that Ava is good and ready to go!

Watch our tutorial video for an in-depth guide on getting started with Ava!

Best Practices for any Face-to-Face Conversations

📲  Hold the phone near the speaker with the microphone on. Keep the phone within 1 to 2 feet or less of the speaker so Ava can hear what they are saying.

👀  Can't read lips with a mask? Just look at Ava! It's impossible to read lips through the masks these days. You can also follow captions on the screen (especially useful when there are many people speaking).   

🔄  Rotate your phone and ask your friend to speak clearly. Bring the phone closer to the speaker and turn the phone (make sure your orientation isn't locked!). This helps improve accuracy.

⌨️  Reply by using the keyboard. Simply open the keyboard and type away. The text will automatically appear and you can also use Ava Speak to voice for you!

Correct Ava’s typos. Correct any mis-captioned words by tapping on the word and pressing “Edit” or “Delete.” This helps Ava learn for the future!

👯‍♀️ Ask people to join you on Ava. They don't even need to download the app! Learn about group conversations on Ava here.

🎙 Social distancing? Consider getting a Bluetooth microphone to use with Ava. Pass a Bluetooth microphone so Ava can "hear" from farther away.

👥 Ava can now distinguish different voices on a single device (iOS only)

📴 Make sure you have stable internet connection. If you can't connect to WiFi or good LTE, use Ava in Offline Mode.

What do the Mic Colors Mean?

  • Blue: microphone ON

  • Gray: microphone OFF

  • Gray with Blue: Offline Mode

  • Green: Scribe captions

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