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Troubleshooting Ava Connect in Video Calls
Troubleshooting Ava Connect in Video Calls

Having issues with connecting Ava to your Zoom call? This article will help you use Ava Connect in Zoom.

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🔗 Ava Connect

While using Ava for real-time captions in your video call, you can directly connect Ava to your meeting via Ava Connect.

With one click, Ava Connect gets added to any video call. Giving you the fastest most accurate captions plus speaker ID and transcript access, Ava Connect takes online meetings to a whole new level.

In this help article, we'll answer any questions you may have about using Ava Connect.

💙 Troubleshooting Zoom:

For Meeting Hosts:

  1. After adding the video call link to Ava Connect, you'll receive a notification to Admit Ava to the meeting

  2. Admit Ava to the Meeting

  3. Click the "allow recording" button (as this allows Ava to save the captions as transcripts and lets participants know that the captions are being saved)

For Meeting Participants:

  1. Once the meeting host has admitted Ava into the meeting and allowed Ava to record, you will be notified about the recording and captioning

  2. You will also see a message appear in the chat to join the conversation

  3. Click the link in the message to join the Ava conversation

How to have Successful Captioning:

  1. If the host allows recording (for this or all meetings), Ava captions smoothly. 🎉

  2. If the host denies Ava to record, simply re-invite Ava and have the host approve. 🔁

  3. If the host denies Ava for future meetings, the host needs to start a new meeting to welcome Ava again. This is due to Zoom limitations. ♻️

Resolving Zoom Permission Issues: Ensuring Ava Can Caption Your Meetings

Have you experienced issues with re-inviting Ava Captioner to Zoom meetings, especially when recording permissions are involved? You're not alone. Many Ava Connect users have faced this challenge, often linked to the use of Zoom's Personal Meeting ID (PMI). This brief guide is here to help you navigate and resolve this issue effectively.

Understanding the PMI Challenge

Zoom's PMI feature creates a consistent and permanent URL for your meetings. It's convenient but comes with a caveat: if a host, declines recording permissions for one meeting and chooses to apply this decision to all future meetings, Zoom remembers this choice for any meeting using the same PMI. This means the host won't be prompted for permissions to let Ava caption subsequent meetings with the same URL, causing potential disruptions. Currently, Zoom doesn't natively allow it's users to modify their permissions if they were applied to all future meetings.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

  1. Change Your PMI: The simplest solution is to change your PMI. This creates a new meeting URL, which will prompt for new permissions.

    • Go to your Zoom settings.

    • Under the 'Meetings' tab, find 'Personal Meeting ID'.

    • Choose 'Edit' and follow the instructions to change your PMI.

  2. Use Unique Meeting IDs: Instead of using your PMI for every meeting, consider using unique meeting IDs. This ensures each meeting is treated independently regarding permissions.

    • When scheduling a meeting, opt for 'Generate Automatically' under 'Meeting ID'.

    • This assigns a unique ID for each meeting, prompting for permissions each time.

  3. Re-Invite Participants: If you've already scheduled meetings with the old PMI, simply re-invite participants with the new meeting details.

    • Cancel the previous meeting.

    • Reschedule with the new PMI or unique ID.

    • Send updated invitations to all participants.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

  • Inform Your Team: Brief your team about the change in PMI or meeting IDs to avoid confusion.

  • Test Beforehand: Conduct a test meeting to ensure the settings are working as intended.

  • Check Zoom Updates: Stay updated with Zoom's features and guidelines for any new solutions or changes.


While Zoom doesn't currently allow users to readjust permissions set for all future meetings, changing your PMI or using unique meeting IDs can provide a workaround. Remember, effective communication and staying updated with Zoom's features are key to a smooth meeting experience. For any further assistance, feel free to contact our help desk. We're here to ensure your Ava Connect experience on Zoom is efficient and hassle-free!

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