Discover Ava Connect 🔗

Elevate meetings with Ava Connect! In just 1 click, you can connect all video calls with live captions including Zoom, Meet, and Teams.

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Discover Ava Connect 🔗

Navigating captions for online meetings can be tricky... with complex audio settings, differences between platforms, requests to the host for in-app captions, or the loss of transcriptions after a meeting. That's where Ava Connects comes in.

Ava Connect has been specifically designed for online meetings! This includes Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and more!

* Ava Connect is only available for Ava Web or Ava CC

Ava Connect seamlessly integrates with your meetings, using cutting-edge technology to identify and visually distinguish each speaker. No longer will you struggle with audio configurations, overlook vital discussions, or wonder who was addressing key project details.

How to use Ava Connect:

  1. Copy the meeting meeting URL. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to copy a meeting link from Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

  2. Proceed to the Connect to Online Meeting section located in the top corner.

  3. Paste the URL, then press Connect.

  4. Allow Ava a moment to join your meeting.

Troubleshooting Ava Connect:

Check out this Help Desk article for troubleshooting Ava Connect.

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