Recommended Microphones to Improve Ava
Discover the prices and ranking of the best wired and Bluetooth microphone we recommend.
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🚨 Note: You do not need an external microphone (wired or Bluetooth) in order to make Ava work. However, it can improve the transcript accuracy and be convenient for a hands-free conversation!

Our recommendations below are based on feedback we have received from the Ava community and tests conducted by our internal team. After careful testing and consideration, here's what we recommend:





Bluetooth Conference Mic



Bluetooth Conference Mic



Bluetooth & Tie clip

$76 (on sale!)

Individual or Presenter

Bluetooth & Lapel clip


Individual or Presenter

Wired & Lapel


Individual or Presenter

🚨 Disclaimer: Ava is not affiliated with any of the vendors listed above. Ava cannot be held responsible for the quality or reliability of the products supplied by the vendors listed above. The accuracy or completeness of product information is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.

❗ Please Note: If you are wanting to use Ava's Speak feature while having Ava connected to a bluetooth microphone, please ensure the microphone is also a speaker. Some bluetooth microphones are strictly for speech purposes.

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You don't know how to pair a Bluetooth Microphone?

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