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Introducing Ava Desktop!

Ava's Desktop App provides captions for any media, conference call, and more! Ava's Desktop App is a versatile captioning box that will overlay your online videos, virtual conference calls, and podcasts! This means you are able to seamlessly see captions and content at the same time.

The Basics of Ava Desktop

1. Download Ava's Desktop App by clicking here on your computer

🚨 Some firewalls may flag it as "harmful" when you try to download. We assure you that it is not going to harm your computer.

2. Make sure you are signed in to your Ava account

3. Click the Ava icon - the blue circle with the '&' in the middle

4. Ava will open in captioning mode, meaning it will be a floating box that can overlay any window!

📹 Watch this short clip on the different features included with Ava.

⛔ Not seeing captions while using a headset or bluetooth microphone? You may need to configure your sound settings! Open "Full Screen View" and click the 🎙️ Microphone drop down on the left toolbar. We recommend using "Ava Mic" or your direct audio source.

📍 Not sure what some of these icons mean? Take a look at this article for more information!

Want more information? Watch this in depth tutorial ⬇️

Using Ava for remote work or classes?

💡 Learn how to use Ava for conference calls (such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) here

Feel free to email us at support@ava.me for any questions and inquiries!

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