Where to find the Zoom API token to integrate Ava captions

Ava captions can be viewed in your Zoom video window. Some steps must be taken by the Zoom meeting organizer to enable this feature.

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▢️ If you experience any issues with Zoom, restart the Zoom meeting and completely sign out of Ava Web, then sign back in. ◀️

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Important Note: This feature is only available for Ava users who are on the Ava Starter or Ava Pro plan. Find out more about how to get one of these plans here.

If You are the Host of the Zoom Meeting

  1. To find the Zoom API token in the Zoom meeting, make sure that the Closed Caption feature is enabled. More info on how to do that can be found at the bottom of this article.

  2. In Zoom, click on Closed Caption (CC) in the bottom tab and "Copy the API token".

If You are not the Host of the Zoom Meeting

Method 1: Host copies the API token and sends it to you via chat

  1. Ask the host to follow the directions in the previous section.

  2. Once they have copied the API token to their clipboard, they can send it to you via chat, or however you communicate. πŸ‘

  3. Once you have the API token, go back to Ava for Web, and copy and paste it into the text box and press the blue connect button.

πŸ’‘ Note: If someone is sharing the API token with you, make sure that you copy only the link and no spaces at the end. If there are spaces after the API token, it won't work!

Shows where to paste the API token in the Ava Web application. 

Method 2: They assign you to type closed captions

This makes it slightly easier for the host.

1a. Ask the host to hover over where your video is showing. A button with 3 dots will appear. Have them click on the 3 dots and click on Assign to type Closed Caption.

1b. You can also Assign to Type Closed Caption by clicking on Participants > Hover over the person you want to type > More > Assign to type Closed Caption

2. You will see a "CC" next to your name and a message that you've been assigned to type Closed Captions.

3. From there, click on "Closed Caption". You will see a window pop-up with captions. Click on "Use a 3rd party CC service. " This will copy the API token to your clipboard. πŸ‘


4. Go back to Ava Web, paste the API token in the text box, and click the blue connect button.

Shows where to paste the API token in the Ava Web application. 

Zoom Configuration Check List (One Time Only)

πŸ’‘ Note: This needs to be done by the person who is hosting the Zoom meeting.

1. Log in with your Zoom account in the Zoom Web Portal (website). This will direct you to your Profile page.

2. On the left side of the screen, under the Personal section, click on Settings

3. Under the Meeting tab in the center of the page, make sure the following settings are configured:

βœ… Closed Captioning: scroll down until you see Closed Captioning (or search "Closed Captioning" using Command + F or Control + F).

Click the toggle on the right to enable it (ON)

βœ… Mute Participants Upon Entry: scroll down until you see Mute participants upon entry (or search "Mute participants upon entry" using Command + F or Control + F).

Click the toggle on the right to disable it (OFF)

βœ… Audio Type: scroll down until you see Audio Type (or search "Audio Type" using Command + F or Control + F).

Make sure this is set to Telephone and Computer Audio

(NOTE: If you don't see the option for Telephone and Computer Audio, check your Zoom account plan. Zoom has made Telephone audio unavailable for some Basic plans. If you have a Basic plan, talk to your Zoom administrator about upgrading your account.)

βœ… If you have the Zoom Waiting Room setting turned on, you will need to admit Ava to the Zoom session. To do this, click on Participants in your waiting room and admit the Ava dial-in phone number (see below):

4. After completing the above steps, start your meeting in the Zoom app. For full instructions on how to integrate Zoom with Ava, click here

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