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Generating a Smart Recap of Your Transcript on iOS
Generating a Smart Recap of Your Transcript on iOS

Learn about our new feature - Generate Smart Recap!

Updated this week


🚨 On iOS, we give 5 free Smart Recaps for everyone. When you upgrade to Pro and beyond on iOS, you will get unlimited Smart Recaps at your disposal. Learn more about our pricing here.

🚨 This is not available on Android yet, but once it is we will let you know

About Smart Recap

Have you ever found yourself going back to read 2 hours' worth of transcripts for important information? This is now a way of the past! We are introducing our 🌟 NEW 🌟 "Smart Recap" feature!

"Smart Recap" generates key bullet points of your conversation in a matter of seconds. With these key bullet points, you will gather all the important key details of your conversation with a single tap of a button!

Get summaries of full transcripts of your meetings, classes, doctor appointments, and any other conversation important to you.

How Smart Recap works

  1. Open the Ava app on your iPhone and start a conversation

  2. When your conversation is over, tap the End button on the bottom left

  3. This will take you to the ''Transcripts'' tab

  4. Open the transcript and click "Generate Smart Recap"
    *Please note, depending on the length of your conversation your transcripts may take some time to appear

  5. Watch Ava summarize your transcript!

❓ Have additional questions? Reach out to our support staff by emailing

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