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How do I boost the transcript accuracy in Ava (Phone)
How do I boost the transcript accuracy in Ava (Phone)

Help Ava to transcribe the proper nouns, acronyms, and specific words your organization uses using Vocabulary Boost!

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Learn how to help Ava transcribe the proper nouns, acronyms, and jargon your organization uses frequently.

At work, in the classroom, or in any organization, do you have any specific vocabulary that you use frequently? Are there certain phrases or terms that you need to be captioned correctly (ie: ADA, OKR, Bitcoin)?

Ava is now able to identify those words and make sure they’re well transcribed on your device without mistakes.

🚨 This feature is exclusively available as part of our Organization Plans.
If you would like to request a Pro Plan demo, please click on this link.

Using Boost Vocabulary on your mobile device 📱

Open Ava > go to Profile > ⚙️ Settings > Vocabulary boost:

From there you can manage, add, or remove your list of preferred vocabulary:

Then, each time the added words appear in a conversation, Ava will autocorrect and display them in bold:

✍️ Also, the more you edit and correct mistakes, the more Ava learns!

At the end of each conversation, Ava will ask you if you want to add new words to the preferred vocabulary:

Happy Boosting!! 🚀

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