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Getting started with Ava
📱Discover Ava App, one-tap captions for instant conversations
📱Discover Ava App, one-tap captions for instant conversations

Just downloaded the Ava app on your phone? Learn the basics of using the Ava app!

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If you haven't already, open this link on your mobile device to download the Ava app:

Welcome to Ava, your new 24/7 accessibility companion ✨!

With the Ava app, you can get captions for conversations in an instant! Watch the video below to learn how to use the Ava app:

📱 Tap the microphone icon to caption whoever is speaking. Make sure they are speaking no more than 12 inches away from the phone. Ava will transcribe more than 85-95% of the words correctly (not 100% because Ava is not as smart as a human)! For 99% accuracy, add an Ava Scribe!

📞 Caption phone calls directly from your iPhone! Learn more about how to do so here

🎥 Caption video calls, Facebook videos, Instagram, TikTok, and more with our Live Mobile Captions!

🙊  If you have a ''deaf" accent, no need to speak to Ava. Answer people directly or type what you want to say on the keyboard.

👯 If you have multiple people speaking, have them join you on Ava (they don't need to download the app!):

  1. Share your unique link ( OR

  2. Have them scan your QR code

Color-coded captions will show exactly who is saying what!

📶  Remember that Ava needs stable Internet connection to work: WiFi/4G/LTE = 👌. If Ava is slow or not captioning, check your Internet connection or go in Offline Mode

💵  Is Ava free? Yes. Ava has a 100% FREE plan that allows for unlimited captioning!

Need more help? Feel free to email our support team at or directly from the app.

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