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How to add the Ava Widget to your lock screen (iOS)
How to add the Ava Widget to your lock screen (iOS)

Ava's Quick Launch button goes directly on your iPhone lock screen!

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💡 Note: Ava Widget for lock screen is only available for iOS devices 💡

Ava Widget for iOS Lock Screen Overview

With Ava's widget for your lock screen, you can start captions with just one click. All you need to do is click the Ava Widget on your lock screen and it will immediately open Ava with a new conversation. You'll get supersonic captions in just one click.

How to add the Ava Widget to your Lock Screen

With iOS 16, you can add widgets to your Lock Screen — including the Ava widget!

Step 1. Touch and hold the Lock Screen until the Customize button appears and tap customize

Step 2. Select Lock Screen and tap Add Widget

Step 3. Tap or drag the Ava widget to the Lock Screen. The Ava widget will either show up at the top that looks like a Microphone with the Ava logo or you can scroll down until you see the larger Ava logo.

Step 4. When you're finished, tap the close button, then tap Done

Note: If there’s not enough room for a new widget, you can tap the Remove button to remove a widget and make room for the one you want to add.

How to use the Ava Widget

  1. View your Lock Screen

  2. Press the Ava widget

  3. Either use Face ID or your code to unlock your device

  4. Ava will automatically start live captioning for you

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