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Understanding your keyboard on Ava Mobile iOS ⌨️
Understanding your keyboard on Ava Mobile iOS ⌨️

Learn how to use all of the keyboard functions on Ava Mobile for iOS including the text-box, text-to-speech, and Ava Show.

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Ava Mobile Keyboard Overview

We've listened to your valuable feedback and are thrilled to introduce fantastic updates to your keyboard experience. Our goal? To make your interaction with our keyboard not just better, but also more enjoyable and efficient. Let's dive in and explore these exciting new features together!

📝 How to use the Text Box

When you tap on the keyboard icon, a new world opens up! Meet the "Text-Box" – a special area designed just for you to craft your phrases seamlessly.

  1. Start a conversation

  2. Click on the keyboard icon that says "type" in the right-hand corner

  3. Type out the text you wish to say

↕️ How to Customize the Text Box

Everyone's different, and so are your preferences. That's why we've got adjustable Text-Box sizes! This helps when you want

  1. Swipe down on the keyboard to make it smaller

  2. Swipe up on the keyboard to make it larger

  3. Swipe up twice on the keyboard to keep it in the largest setting

🗣️ How to use Text-to-Speech

Want your typed text to come alive? By using Text-to-Speech, you can type out a response and then use Ava to speak out loud for you. Learn More about Ava Voice

  1. Tap on the ⌨️ keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner

  2. Type your response on your keyboard

  3. Make sure the 🔈voice icon is turned on (it will have a strike through it if it is off)

  4. Press the send button to have Ava voice your response

  5. The 🔈voice icon will turn into a 🛑 stop icon while Ava is voicing your response. Click the stop icon to stop Ava from voicing your response.

  6. The 🛑 stop icon will turn into a 🔁 repeat icon once the text is done being voiced. Click it to repeat the sound.

🔍 How to Use Ava Show

Need to grab someone's attention in a bustling environment? Say hello to our BIG mode with Ava Show.

  1. Open your keyboard

  2. Type out the text you wish to say

  3. Click the full-screen icon

  4. Turn your phone horizontally to have it fill up the whole screen

  5. Shake your phone or tap the flash icon for a flashing effect

Got questions or a hiccup? 🤔 We're here to help! Your experience is our top priority, so don't hesitate to ask any questions at

Happy captioning! 🎉

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