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Deleting your Ava Account
Deleting your Ava Account

Needing to delete your account? Keep reading for tips!

Updated over a week ago

Not impressed with Ava? Want to get rid of your account? Below I will share some specific details on how to delete your Ava account based on the device you are using!

🍎 iOS Users

  1. Open your Ava app on your iOS device

  2. Click "Profile"

  3. Click "Settings"

  4. Scroll to the very bottom

  5. Click "Delete my account" - it is in red font

  6. Click "Proceed"

🤖 Android Users

We are currently working on making this an in app feature!

In the meantime, please email and include your email address and &Avaname associated with your account!

❗Please note - When you delete your account all saved transcripts get deleted as well. Be sure to share or save any important transcripts you wish to keep before deleting the account!

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