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Having Ava means instant captions for all situations! Make the most of Ava, and turn on 24/7 instant captions for every part of your life

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Welcome to the Ava Family!

When you downloaded Ava, you acquired a very powerful tool for your communication. Ava can do much more for your accessibility than you think, and we'll explain here how you can make it happen, in all your life situations.

What is Ava?

What if you could snap your fingers and caption what people were saying? That's what Ava can do!

Instant Captions for all situations

Ava is an app for your phone or computer designed to empower people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing by allowing them to follow conversations in real-time through live captions.

How Does Ava work?

Ava is powered by artificial intelligence. It uses your device's microphone to "listen" to what is being said.

Using Ava for all Situations!

Ava can be used for quick and spontaneous interactions such as talking with colleagues at work or meeting people in public and even virtually! Ava can also be used for conference calls for business meetings 🧑‍💻, remote classes 📚, online doctor's consults 🩺, and much more! For important meetings or situations, you can use Ava Scribe, which combines AI + a human captioner to get 99% accurate live captions.

Click on any of the scenarios below to learn how to make the most out of Ava:

Depending on the situation or location, Ava may require an advanced setup. Don't worry, we've got your back!

Our team of advocates is ready to support you, whether that's working with your school or workplace to get Ava sponsored for you or coordinating with an event's coordinators to get the right equipment to successfully caption an entire event. Learn more about our Ava Advocacy program.

Feel free to email us at support@ava.me for any questions and inquiries!

The sky is the limit. Nobody else but you has the power to make these connections and opportunities of communication a reality!

Happy captioning! 🤟

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