How to participate in group conversations with Ava on your phone

Use Ava on your phone to stay in the loop during group conversations (up to 25 participants)

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If you're looking for instructions on starting a group conversation on your computer, see here.

With Ava, you can see who is saying what in real time! Near or far, anyone can join on Ava- they don't even need to download the app!

Connecting from an Open Conversation Session

Once you have started a conversation session, you can connect with friends. Here's how!

1. From the open conversation session, click on 👤 +Add at the bottom-right corner of the screen

2. You will see a few options for connecting with others. Use whatever method suits the situation best!

Connecting with Ava Contacts

If you have friends who have an Ava account, you can easily connect with them through the Contacts Page!

1. When you open Ava, tap on 👥 Contacts (at the menu at the bottom of the screen)

2. Use the search bar to find the person you are connecting with

3. If their icon has a green dot, that means they're online! Tap Connect to start a group conversation.

Once you've connected with this person, they will be added your Contacts list. The next time you want to connect, you can do so in an instant!

Group Conversations for the Classroom

If you are using Ava in an in-person classroom environment, see here.

If you are using Ava in a remote classroom environment, see here.

Group Conversations for Meetings

If you are using Ava in an in-person work environment, see here.

If you are using Ava in a remote work environment, see here.

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