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How to Schedule a Scribe
How to Schedule a Scribe

How to book or reserve your Scribe for your next event, class, or meeting!

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🚨 You must already have Scribe hours in your account to request a Scribe and see the following functionality. If you do not have Scribe hours, please contact

How to Book a Scribe

Each Scribe session needs to be scheduled at least 6 hours in advance

  1. Go to our dedicated Ava Scribe Scheduling Page on Web or you can click on the Scribe Button on Mobile

  2. Choose the duration of your session

  3. Choose the date & time of your session

    ℹ️ Meetings or classes longer than 2 hours should be broken up into 2-hour increments.

  4. Answer the various questions that will allow the Scribes to prepare

  5. Once the reservation has been made, you will receive a confirmation email or a SMS

To find out how to add a scribe to your online meeting, click here.

How to Modify or Cancel Your Scribe

  1. You can modify or cancel your reservation via the confirmation email you received or directly via the Google Calendar event.

  2. You can also contact us at

Cancellation policy Ava Scribe

If you cancel your reservation, penalties may apply according to the following rules:

  • Cancellation 12 hours before or more: 0% credit used.

  • Cancellation from 5 minutes to 12 hours before the session: 50% credit used.

  • Reservation not honored: 100% credit used.

For more information on Ava Scribe cancellation policy, click here.

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