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✍️ Discover Ava Scribe
✍️ Discover Ava Scribe

Using Ava Scribe means a human transcription specialist (CART) will correct the captions in real-time for a 99% accurate transcript.

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What is Ava Scribe?

🧠 Ava: Artificial Intelligence. Why? Because it's always available, has an extended vocabulary, and is efficient.

✍️ Scribe: a professional with human judgment and cultural knowledge who is able to correct the mistakes that were made from voice recognition.

With both, we can have the best of the two worlds, and be ready for a future with 100% accessibility. ✨

How to activate Ava Scribe from my account?

To be able to use Ava Scribe, you will need to be on one of the Ava professional Plans (Pro, Welcome, Enterprise) and need to purchase Scribe time. You can buy Scribe time per minute or per hour depending on your needs. 

You can also reach out to our team at to purchase Scribe time.

Reserving an Ava Scribe

Once you or your organization has purchased Scribe time, make a reservation for when a Scribe is required (please give at least 24 hours in advance).

ℹ️ Meetings or classes longer than 2 hours should be broken up into 2 hour increments.

Requesting Ava Scribe from your Mobile Device

  1. Start a captioning session session (tap on 🎙 Start Subtitles)

  2. Tap on 🎯 Accuracy (bottom of the screen)

  3. Select Scribe

  4. You'll see a BLUE banner at the top indicating that a Scribe is connecting

  5. Once the Scribe has connected, you'll see a GREEN banner and mic 👍

Removing the Scribe

To stop using the Ava Scribe service in the middle of the captioning session:

1. Tap on 🎯 Accuracy

2. Tap on Premium

3. You will see a blue banner at the top indicating that the Scribe has disconnected

Requesting Ava Scribe from Ava Web and Ava Closed Captions

If you are using Ava Web or Ava Closed Captions for the first time, check out our guides on getting started!

1. Start a conversation session

2. At the top-right corner, click the button that says "Improve accuracy"

3. When this message pops-up, click "Scribe Captions", then choose your mode between Fast and Accurate.

4. You will see a Scribe logo blinking in the top left corner. This process can take up to 30 seconds until a Scribe takes the request.

If you decide you no longer need a Scribe (while the request is still pending), click on the Scribe icon and click on "Cancel request"

5. When the Scribe is connected, your microphone icon will turn green, like this:

If you want to remove the Scribe at any point during the conversation, click on the Scribe icon and click "Remove Scribe"

Checking Scribe Time

Your Scribe time is counted by the minute. For example, if you have a 23-minute conversation with Scribe in the loop, we will deduct 23 minutes from your Scribe time. 


In your profile screen, you can see exactly how much Scribe time you still have left.

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