Make sure to check out our guides on getting started with Ava Web and Ava Desktop!

If you're looking for instructions on starting a group conversation on your mobile device, see here.

If you want to see captions from your computer, use Ava Web or Ava Desktop!

💡 NOTE: When using Ava Web or Ava Desktop for group conversations, it is strongly recommended that all participants use headphones (wired or Bluetooth are okay!). Otherwise, the accuracy of the captions may be decreased.

Inviting Participants from Your Conversation Session

1. Open Ava Web

2. Click on 🎙 Start Captions Now to start a Conversation Session

3. On the top right corner, click on + Invite Participant. This will copy a unique conversation link. Share this link via email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or however you want to communicate!

🌟 Bonus: Anyone can open this link on their phone or computer to join you. They don't need an Ava account to join!

4. Once your participants have successfully joined the conversation, you will see their icon appear in the top bar.

Joining Open Conversation Sessions

If someone has started a conversation session from Ava Mobile, Ava Web, or Ava Desktop (this means they are the host), you can join them from your computer.

1. Open Ava Web

2. Enter the conversation host's Ava Name, then click Join Room et voíla! You will be connected 🙌

Group Conversations for the Classroom

If you are using Ava in an in-person classroom environment, see here.

If you are using Ava in a remote classroom environment, see here.

Group Conversations for Meetings

If you are using Ava in an in-person work environment, see here.

If you are using Ava in a remote work environment, see here.

If you have an Ava Pro or Welcome plan, you can change the settings for group conversations. Click here to learn how!

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