Ava Mobile Manual (iOS)

A step-by-step guide to using you Ava on your iPhone or iPad!

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Mobile iOS:

If you have already downloaded Ava onto your iPhone or iPad, you can go ahead and skip to the next section.

Getting Started:

To download Ava onto your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for Ava:

Once Ava is downloaded onto your phone, go ahead and open the app

Tip: You can move Ava on your phone to next to your phone on the dock for easier access

When you open Ava, you will see three options on the screen:

Select your hearing status

You will see two options: either to join an Ava room OR to Caption with an Ava account

How to Join An Ava Room:

You can join an Ava room without an account by either scanning your conversational partner’s QR code OR by searching for their Ava Name

Scanning a QR code is easy! Simply press “Scan QR code now”, allow Ava to access your camera, and hover your phone over your partner’s QR code [see below for location]

If you choose to search for an Ava Name, you will be directed to your contact location where you can either type in their name should you have it handy or search through your contacts to find the right name

Keep in mind that if you enter into Ava via QR code OR through an Ava name, you’ll show up as GUEST and not as your original Ava account!

Caption With An Ava Account:

When Ava Mobile is open, you will be presented with various options to create your account

*If you're using an email address provided by your employer, school, college or university, please select "use work email".

*Keep in mind that should you choose to sign in with your email, your account will be tied to that email address. Signing in again with a cell phone number will not necessarily let you rejoin the same account. Click here to learn how to link your accounts

In this case, let’s go over using Google to sign into your account. Go ahead and click “continue with Google”. From here, you’ll log in with your google account. Google will pull up a new screen that will ask you to select the account you wish to log in with. Please select your Google account, enter your password, and log in.

Once you’re logged in, Ava is your’s to enjoy and explore!

Using Ava:

Ready for captions? Here we go!

Ava’s main page should look like this:

Once you've made sure the microphone is blue, as seen above, start your conversation and watch Ava work!

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