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Personalizing the Curse Word Filter
Personalizing the Curse Word Filter

Bad words in your captions? Keep reading to learn how to adjust the filter!

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You can personalize Ava even further with the Curse Word Filter! Whether you use Ava, you can personalize your preferences! If you prefer no curse words, all curse words or something in the middle we have something for everyone!

📱 Mobile Devices Options:

  • All words are allowed: Ava leaves out no curse words!

  • Common words only: Ava will use *** to sensor out any curse words that are not common

  • No curse words: Ava will sensor all curse words using ***

💻 Ava Desktop or Ava Web Options:

  • Hide all curse words

  • Show all curse words

Step-by-step guide - Mobile:

  1. Open Ava Mobile and click the "Profile" tab in the bottom left corner

  2. Click "Settings"

  3. Under the "Audio" section, you will see "Curse Words Filter" - click this dropdown

  4. Three options will appear: "All words are allowed", "Common words only", and "No curse words"

*Your selection will appear in grey text

Step-by-step guide - Ava Desktop

  • Open your web browser or your Ava application in "Full Screen View"

  • Along the left side toolbar, there is a toggle for "Hide Curse Words"

  • To hide all curse words make sure the toggle is to the right, to show all curse words make sure the toggle is to the left!

😃 Hide All Curse Words:

🤬 Show all curse words:

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