Ava is an artificial intelligence program - it is not as smart as a human being, but with the right setup, it can caption very accurately (above 85% accuracy).

What is the right setup?

🗣️ Have the person talking within 12 inches from your devices speaker.

🎤 Use a Bluetooth microphone and check your microphone permissions.

👥 Have others join a group conversation so each person is speaking into their own device.

💙 Make sure the microphone icon is blue.

📶 Make sure you have a strong internet connection (WiFi or LTE).

📣 Encourage the person talking to speak slower, louder, and clearly. Especially individuals with an accent!

🔄 Rotate your phone so the microphone is closer to the speaker. Don't worry, Ava will rotate so you can still read your captions!

❌ Reduce background noise. If this is not possible, you will need to speak closer to your device's speaker.

Still having issues?

Contact our support team by emailing support@ava.me

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