How to use the Ava app to voice for you

Don't use your voice? Use the Ava app to voice for you!

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If this is you're still learning how to use Ava, make sure to check out this article: Use Ava to caption 1-1 discussion

If people often don't understand your voice, or you don't voice at all, Ava can speak the words you type so you can be heard!

To activate Ava Speak:

  1. Tap on the keyboard icon on the bottom-right corner

  2. Type your answer on the keyboard. It will show as Instant Text (for group convos, it shows character-by-character in real-time)

  3. If you want Ava to voice your answers, tap where it says 🔈 Speak icon


  • Check that the volume of your phone is enabled and to the maximum to be heard.

  • Type a lot and want to speed up the typing pace? This is for you!

A Bluetooth Keyboard enables you to type your messages faster, anywhere you go.

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