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Introducing Ava Closed Captions!

Ava Closed Captions are the latest desktop app to provide captions for any media, conference call, and more!

You're one click away from instant captions!

Whether you're on a PC or Mac, Ava Free or Ava Pro, or anywhere in between, Ava Closed Captions are available for all 🤩. You can download Ava Closed Captions on our mobile Ava App.

The Basics of Ava Closed Captions

Check out our video tutorial here on the basics of Ava CC

1. Download Ava Closed Captions by clicking here on your computer.

🚨 Some firewalls may flag Ava Closed Captions as "harmful" when you try to download. We assure you that it is not going to harm your computer. You can go ahead and proceed to download. We're working on rectifying this as soon as possible!

2. Sign in using one of the available methods:

3. Click on "🎙 Start Captions ":

4. Ava Closed Captions will enter Closed Captioning (CC) Mode, meaning that it will become a hovering box that can float over any window!

5. Configure your sound settings

👤 If you are in a solo captioning session, your mic is automatically set to "Ava Mic"
👥 If you engage in a group captioning session, Ava will automatically change to listen from your computer's microphone.

What is "Ava Mic?"

Ava Mic is our special microphone setting that allows Ava to "hear" any sound coming directly from your computer.

It will automatically send sound to the most recent sound device. For example, if you recently had sound playing through your headset, it will still send sound.

What does that mean?

With Ava Mic, you can still use Bluetooth hearing aids or headphones while you are watching a video or participating in an online meeting. No need to put your computer sound on loud to get captions! (And no more bothering roommates or people nearby!)

How do I change the settings?

🔇 To adjust the sound volume or mute, hover near the left side and use the buttons under the

🎙 To change the microphone source, click on the arrows (top-right) to expand the view the full transcript

From there, you can find the settings on the left-hand side:

Get audio from your computer only by muting your voice:

Working from home? It's hard to manage chatter or sound in the background (like kids asking for lunch!). Now, you can mute yourself to caption without interruptions.

How to understand the captions in Ava CC:

Our latest update of Ava CC is now able to differentiate between when you are speaking, and when other people are speaking!

This is what it looks like in CC mode when using Ava Mic:

Using Ava CC for remote work or classes?

💡 Learn how to use Ava for conference calls (such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) here

Feel free to email us at support@ava.me for any questions and inquiries!

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